Friday, April 23, 2010

Wilton Roses

Well the roses class was an adventure. I made the cake on Wednesday night after I made dinner (which took a lot longer than I expected). I couldn't find the shortening so I couldn't make the frosting nor frost the cake ahead of time. I ran home from work Thursday afternoon and whipped up the frosting and did the crumb coat and final layer... there are still a ton of crumbs sneaking through and I really need to practice. I also realized on the way home that my cake carrier was broken (and I left it at work) so I ran into KMart and grabbed one.

Turns out the cake carrier was too small and didn't fit the cake.... so I placed the cake gently in my car and drove to class. Just as I was pulling in to Michaels, the sky opened up and it started pouring rain! I had to make a dash from the car to the store without getting too much rain in the frosting. I ended up purchasing a new cake carrier (and a few new icing colors) and having a great class. Because of the humidity, the frosting softened up really quickly and was rather tough to work with but I think I got the hang of the roses and can't wait to practice!

I can't wait for course 2 in May!




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