Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cake Decorating Course 1 recap

This week is Danimal's first full week home since January. I haven't occupied my kitchen much in the last few months so I'm running low on posting material. I'm hoping to have more to post in the next few weeks and I'll be posting more often again.

During the month of March, my friend and I took the Wilton Cake Decorating Course 1 at Michaels. It was graet to learn some of the basics. I didn't love the projects they had us do but it was really fun anyway.

I am making up the roses class this week so I'll post pictures from that but in the meantime, here are pictures from class 2 (clowns) and class 4 (rainbow). We're taking course 2 in May. Starting in June, Wilton is reorganizing their courses so I'm intrigued to see what the changes are.

For the first cake, I used Smitten Kitchen's yellow cake recipe and filled it with a raspberry puree of sorts. It tasted great but was not great pared with the Wilton buttercream frosting we have to use. I am not a fan of the frosting recipe because it's just too sweet for me and can't wait to play around with different recipes. For class 4's cake, I ended up using a box mix. Since I really don't like the frosting, I didn't really want to waste my time or good ingredients. I filled it with a peanut butter concoction. Interesting choice-- I wasn't a fan but some of my coworkers enjoyed it.

Course 1; Class 2
Creepy clowns, huh?! They are weird!  


Course 1; Class 4


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  1. The clowns are a little creepy, I have to admit. But the rainbow looks awesome!