Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Maine Lobster Suppah: Grilled Corn on the Cob

Memorial Day Weekend is the official kick-off to summer! Danimal and I packed up our zoo and drove to his parents house in Maine for the weekend. We spent one afternoon at their camp opening it up for the summer and letting the dogs run around and take their first summer swim. Later in the weekend, we had a family suppah of lobstah, steamahs and lots and lots of buttah.

I'm going to highlight a few different recipes this week from our dinner... previews below! Stay tuned for more posts this week to elaborate on our meal!

The center attraction of our suppah:

Some warm honey yeast rolls:

Delicious Blackberry Cobbler:

And our supper table, minus our lobster crackers (much needed as these were the hardest shelled lobsters we'd had in a long time).

Below is my instructions for grilling corn... I love it this way and haven't been able to eat steamed corn since. Grilling the corn in it's husks brings out it's natural sweetness and makes for a delicious side dish to a supper. I'm pretty sure that once you try this, you'll never go back either!

Grilled Corn on the Cob

Soak corn in the husks in water for about 20 minutes. I place a lid on a pot with a weight to keep the corn submerged under water.

Place corn (still in their husks) on a grill at medium temperature. Keep an eye on the husks and rotate when it gets toasted (estimating about every 5 minutes).

It takes about 20 minutes total for the corn to be thoroughly cooked. Let corn cool a little before husking. If you desire, you can pull the husks back, tie it in a knot and use it as a handle to eat the corn or discard husks (preferably outside as it makes a mess).

I eat the corn without butter or any toppings as the grill brings out the natural sweetness.



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  1. Magda, did you make the rolls from scratch? In terms of the yummy corn, why do you soak it in water and for so long? I, too, LOVE grilled corn, but I've never submerged it in water. Will have to try this soon and see what it tastes like!